Iventor to 3DS MAX

I have a solution for the inventor / max import

Inventor has a plugin for 3DS max that allows Inventor files to be imported directly into Max.

Inventor and Max must be on the same computer.

Start Max
Under the Customize Menu choose Plugins Path
Choose the Additonal Plugin Tab
Add a new path


my system is c:\program files\autodesk\inventor\bin

Click use path ( It can be named inventor )

Close Max and restart.

Under the File Import, Inventor files are now available, both part files and assembly files.

It imports the files as an editable mesh

Assemblies import into max in one scene as seperate objects in named Filename01 Filenaem02 etc…

I have not had any problems with this procedure

Good Luck

Dennis Heberlein
Delphi ELITE
Team #48

thats hella sweet!! i would have guessed that there would be somthing like that going on, seeing as inventor has a liberal amount of MAX code in it, IE its render engine.


i cant get it to work i keep geting an error :confused: i dont uderstand it ether but it says sompthing about the paths of the files but they are right

I am having problems importing huge assemblies into 3DS Max, it appears that it doesn’t want to import assemblies with things that use the pattern feature of Inventor.

Last year when I did this, I had a problem importing large files from Inventor in Max. The entire file wouldn’t completely transfer through, only bits and pieces. Did anyone else have this problem, and if so how do you fix it??

I just tried exporting to IGES.

It worked fine with me.

But when you export to max in IGES, doesn’t it all become one piece and therefore, say I wanted to import our robot from Inventor to Max, well… animating would not be possible this way because Max thinks it’s all one piece.

This takes work but after importing in to max you could explode it, but then you have to go through and re group all peices that should be one.

That would be a lot of work…

How do most teams make their robots anyways??? Do they just create them in Max from scratch or what? :confused:

I knoew when I was on the Technokats animation team we imported the parts from Auto CAD and then assembled them in 3DS Max

For some reason the plug-in isn’t working with max 6.

In fact, none of the plugins that I download for max work.

I am in need of some help…

I’m also having the same problem, can’t even get the plugin to show up on Max 6… so therefore the option to import inventor files into Max 6 isn’t an option. Looks like I’ll be importing into 5 and then saving it as a 3DS file, then opening it in Max 6… :ahh: