IYHO -- worst (dance) song(s) ever

So, CD community –
I am in a competition with some of my friends, and we’re supposed to put together 10 of the worst ever songs. The friend who makes the least worst list has to go out with a boom box and dance to the songs, in a heavy trafficked area.

Because I value your opinion so highly, what, IYHO, are the worst songs ever?

Rockafella $@#$@#$@#$@#$@#… I hate that song with a passion.

^^ The word is only 5 letters but there’s 15 characters to censor it?

Hey, I kinda like Rockefeller {word that shouldn’t really be censored but is}.

Try out chaccaron maccaron :stuck_out_tongue: I listen to almost all techno, so I could list off a ton of songs that you would consider “bad” (check out “Go Berzerk” by Scott Brown, for example).

Something that you couldn’t dance to… look for anything by “Kutimu”… he’s this messed up guy that does vocal interpretations of DDR songs, lol. PM me if you can’t find them anywhere

oh god the numa numa song.

i hate when it gets stuck in my head.

other than that i cant help much as i dont listen to music much


I remember the first time Laura from team Waldo up in Canada introduced me to that song. I was dying and crying cause I was laughing so hard.
C’mon… that song isn’t that bad now… :rolleyes: :stuck_out_tongue:
And it actually has words… hidden somewhere in all that mumbling.

Morgenspaziergang by Kraftwerk (off the Autobahn album) - I dare you to find enough melody to dance to.

Let me put it this way: One of the sounds is a high-vacuum laboratory pump. Fair enough?


PS: They have a video of a ‘song’ called “Die Roboter” (The roboticists) on their site http://www.kraftwerk.com, that’ll give you an idea.

A simple Google search will show you that Chacarron actually does have lyrics. :rolleyes:

Pick something by the spice girls, and you’ve won immediately.


The Spice Girls were every teen boy’s fantasy and every girl’s hero growing up when Girl Power was all the rage. :slight_smile:

You can’t put them on the list of Bad Songs!!! :mad:

I still love the video of Say You’ll Be There with Posh Spice (Victoria; now married to David Beckham) dancing on top of the HUGE wing of a Superbird.

Definitely the Macarena (Oh gosh just thinking about it :eek: )

Tomorrow by Karthik. My ears are still ringing a year later. :ahh:

The Cha-Cha Slide is the worst “dancing” song EVER in the history of dancing songs. I put it in quotes, because you can barely put it in the same class as danceable songs, such as the chicken dance, the electric slide, the macarena, or any disco, techno, or otherwise dance song.

The Cha Cha Slide is the most fascist “song” I’ve ever heard in my life. No other song tells you exactly what you have to do - “now hop 26 times on beat, then goosestep to the right, goosestep to the left, then CLAP YOUR HANDS NOW… OR ELSE!!!”

It can also barely classifies as a song as there’s no actually singing involved, no rhythm, rhyme, or melody. It’s simply a series of lockstep commands that they order you to follow. “We’re going to do the Cha Cha Slide NOW!” “Ja mein furer!” ::salute::

I submit that if aliens came to earth and saw a group of people doing the cha cha slide, they’d conclude that the man on the speaker was the leader of the human race, and we were all bowing down to his magnificent power. Any other line-dance song, they’d at least correctly assume that it was some kind of ritualistic dance to the robot gods or something like that.

As intelligent engineering types, we should be smarter than to listen to this caca. Stick to REAL songs, kids.

For sheer lameness it is still hard to top Disco Duck (Rick Dees, 1976).

Thanks for the replies, but heres my list (deadline was … 2 hours ago)

Baby One More Time – Britney Spears
Barbie Girl – Aqua
Believe – Cher
Bye Bye Bye – N’Sync
Dragostea din tei – Ozone (A.K.A. Numa Numa song)
I Want Candy – Aaron Carter
It’s Raining Men – The Weather Girls
Man, Feel Like A Woman! – Shania Twain
Sexy Back – Justin Timberlake
Upside Down – A-Teens
Wannabe – Spice Girls

(sorry if I didn’t quit get the titles or artists right… or if you liked any of these songs.)