J&J meetup!

We had such a great time last season :slight_smile: , that I’ve been wondering if there will be other “meetings” this year, like the games that took place outside Rutgers, like football, soccer… these things! I’m still trying to learn how to play baseball… or even how to play with that very little bag, sack… I don’t know, it’s a small “something” to play like if it was a ball… I saw some guys doing nice tricks! :smiley: Well… despite all this confusion, all I mean is, I hope to see everyone there again this season, and hopefully we’ll have a great time :yikes:

The game is called hackysac… and I can assure you that even if no one plans ahead, there will be a game of something, or a hackysac circle, somewhere. Maybe not a soccer game outside… but i dont know what the new arena is like.

It would be awesome if we could get a bunch of kids together to just hang out. A lot of times we have these big events but we stay with our own teams!

(fine print) Mind you, all of this would have to be not during competition time. It’s important to be with our teams then!