"J&J Mid-Atlantic Regional" or "New Jersey Regional"?

FIRST has both “J&J Mid-Atlantic Regional” and “New Jersey Regional” on their website for the regional event to be held in March in Trenton.

Does anyone know what is the correct name to use for this Regional? I’m writing a newsletter to our sponsors and want to be accurate.

I only see New Jersey Regional on both regional pages.


and here:


It’s the New Jersey Regional.

yes the NJ regional Comittee, found no reason to continue to call it the Mid-Atlanitc Regional, when Phili, Maryland, and New York all have their respected regionals, so we went witht he NJ Regional, much to my dismay, i wanted “The Mr Volcano Memorial Robotics Comepetition” but i guess i would have to be dead for a memorial…:stuck_out_tongue:

Much to everyone’s dismay, Mike.

I, for one, find Mike much more valuable to FIRST as a living creature. It wouldn’t be much fun poking at him and getting no response.

But what my mom was referring to was that those two pages differed from this one the team list and that is why she asked.

As you have pointed out from the links that Ricky has suppied i stil did find that This Page still shows it as the J&J Mid-Atlantic Regional… I would reccomend having your team leader contacting the regional director or FIRST for the offical name. I think (please anyone correct me if im wrong) that J&J is still the sponsor for that regional and thats why i think it may have both names still.

Well, whatever the name, we’re excited to be attending the regional this year! See you in March! :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s the idea. :wink:

Ah, I didn’t click on the team list page, my apologies. They proabably just haven’ changed the name for that in the team listing database, but they did on the website pages. That’s my guess.

What ever the name is NJ or J&J Regional all the OLD and NEW teams will have a great time. Good luck to all and Happy New Year !!! SEE ALL IN MARCH TEAM 88 TJ2 and MOE