J&J Regional

well today was the end of the J&J Regional. First off on behafe of Team 25 I just wanna congrat all the teams that were in the regional for the past 3 days. all of you guys are awesome. and to tema 102 and 340 MAN THE THREE OF US ROCKED THE RAC TODAY huh!!! you guys were an excelent alliance. to team 103 you guys are a great team and i give my great congrats on winning the Chairmans award…you totally deserve it!!! To team 87 103 you guys put a a good battel in the finals. those two rounds of the finals were totally intense. i think everyone was on the edge of their feet to find out who the winners were. but take away the trophies, awards, money and all of that good stuff and what is left… a great friendship between teams. thats what its all about. so everyone great job on the regionals and hope to see all of you guys at nationals next week!!!

Team 25 alumni

Also, i want to congratulate Paul Kloberg(303),Bill Mcgowan(11), and Wayne Cokeley(25) they were the Volunteers of the Year at J& J this year You Guy diserve it, you are keeping FIRST alive in the State of NJ and i am honored just knowing a group of guys of ur caliber

103- You Guys did great, congratulations on the Chairmens you guys deserve it

84- Thanks for the shirt, i know you will be happy to know that it will be flying to houston (i only have 1 hawiian shirt, and i gotta pretend to be chuck one day)

1089-- The Did Great, wonder fabulous cant discribe it anyother way, Better Luck Next year

293-- Great Bot, put up a good fight, always a pleasure seeing you guys at J&J

30-- WOW!!! nice job in the finals you had a great ride i am sure you are happy

102&340, you guys were GRReat this was a complete Team Effort, with out you guys i dont know what would have happend

303 – Buddies, Pals, Nice shirts, wonderful job congrats on the Award

Well those are my congratulations, unfourtunatly i left out so many great teams, i really really cannot think, 4 hours of sleep in 4 days really take a toll on volunteers :frowning: so if anyone needs me, try checking in my bedroom in about 2 days, ( and if i take anylonger wake me up i gotta go to houston on Wed)

…and congratulations to you as well, Mike :slight_smile:

Yes thanks Mike for putting up with us with all the pestering about drill motors and trannies!! Thanks to your motors and trannies we were able to compete!! We were kinda the cinderella bot this year, everything that could go wrong went wrong on thursday- entire front drive broke and the welds on our arms were broken by a judge, and we had to resort to casters to drive which did not work well. Thanks to hard work by our students and mentors on friday we were able to rebuild our front drive drills and all by the fourth match when we played with 25 and we won!! Rutgers became more of a practice for us for nats, all that mattered was getting the drive train working and auto working.
Things improved on saturday and all of our components were working(finally) and we ended up using our suction cups to effectively stay on the ramp (we stayed on despite a battering by 25 and 2 other robots in 2 seperate matches)
Hopefully nationals will be better for us now that we have our drive train working!
Props to 637 for picking us for alliance selections!!!

On Behalf of Team 341, I would just like to congratulate some truly deserving teams and individuals.

Congratulations to Team 103 Cybersonics for winning the Regional Chairman’s Award. No team is more deserving.

Congratulations to Teams 25, 102 and 340 for pulling down what has to be the toughest Regional Championship in FIRST.

And finally congratulations to Wayne C., Paul K. , and Bill M. for winning Volunteer of the Year. We don’t do it for the recognition, but it is nice when you get it.

Hope to see everyone at Nationals. Best of Luck!!

Al Ostrow

Coach, Team 341

What an incredible time J&J was for Team 103. The feeling a regional Chairman’s Award brings is beyond description and not possible without inspiring people and other inspiring teams. Wayne Cokeley is one such person and 25 is one such team. As our #2 alliance (Thanks 87 and 222!) was running against 25 and their #1 alliance (with 102 and 340) in the finals, all of this became abundantly clear. After we lost two drill motors in the first match of the finals, the 25 alliance had a formidable lead. In fact, all they needed to do was keep the score low, collect their banner and save the machine for Houston. Forget that! 25 continued to play the game the way it was meant to be played all the way to the buzzer. Their machine was protecting a stack, battling at the top of the ramp, pushing and shoving with 87 and 222, trying to win the match at all costs. What a show for the J&J crowd. I sincerely hope all of you who attended regionals where “collusion” was taking place are reading this. Winning isn’t everything, but making the effort to is. Big scores don’t matter, but big character does. Thanks to Wayne and 25, there are a bunch of students in North Brunswick (and now in Hightstown, too) who will become gracious professionals because of the example they have to follow.

Thanks to everyone else who made J&J so great this year:
Paul Kloberg, Kim Keller, Volunteers, 303, 87, 222, 102, 56, 84, and anyone else I may have forgotten.

The finals were definitely the most intense I’ve ever seen. There was a competitive spirit at this regional that made it seem like a mini-National. All the teams left everything on the field, and every team had a well-built machine. I would like to compliment every team in attendance for playing Stack Attack the way it was intended to be played and making this competition spectacular from beginning to end.

(Thanks 25 and 340)

Special Congrats to 103, 87, and 222 for a nail biting finals match, and major props to the Cybersonics for winning the Chairman’s Award (you guys were great neighbors in the pits).

*Originally posted by “Big Mike” *
84- Thanks for the shirt, i know you will be happy to know that it will be flying to houston (i only have 1 hawiian shirt, and i gotta pretend to be chuck one day)

I’ll see if we can’t make you an honorary WATTNESS member for that day. All privelages of a Freshman on our team. :stuck_out_tongue: You can fetch our food. Hehe. See you guys there :stuck_out_tongue: