J&J Studios datum-Light Color Sensor

Hey teams!

Another great option for a color sensor this year is our own datum-Light color sensor! One big advantage of this sensor is the standard micro-B USB interface. This lets you configure and test this sensor on pretty much any computer or OS. It’s also much easier to integrate multiple sensors into your robot. The datum-Light sensor is available now through the GroupGets store.

While you’re there be sure to check out the datum-Distance sensor too! It’s a great option for dialing in the range during competition. The datum-Distance sensor is also available through the GroupGets store.

Good luck everyone!

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Do you have any programming examples of using these on a roboRIO? Talking about a terminal program makes sense to a 50 year old mentor, but may not make sense to a 16 year old new programmer. In the opposite sense, JSON may be greek to the 50 year old mentor, but easy to the web wiz kid.

I created some classes that work with the datum sensors:

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In addition to the sample classes OroArmor put together (thanks!) we have a getting started guide and some example code available on our web site. Be advised the sample code is pretty basic. For example, it doesn’t do any error checking to make sure a complete line has been received. If a partial report is received it will generate an exception.

Direct support for Jackson has also been added to the WPILIB (see the note below from the WPILib docs). We’re already working on an updated tutorial showing how to use these new features.

Jackson has been added to Java for JSON support. C++ support already existed with json library in the wpi header root. These can be used with no need to add anything to your robot project.

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Joe, wanted to let you know we just got some new sample code finished up. It’s much more robust and takes advantage of the new additions WPI made this year. Details are at the link below.

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