Jack Kamen (1920-2008)

Sad news to come from Metafilter today, had to pass it along here. Jack Kamen,Dean Kamen’s father, passed away August 5th at age 88.
May our thoughts and prayers be with the Kamen family.


My thought are also with the Kamen family.

RIP Jack Kamen
My thoughts and prayers are with the Kamen family.

Our prayers go out to all the Kamen family. Those we know - Dean, Bart and Libby - and those we do not.

Dottie and I met Jack once. He was a very nice man. Our sympathies to Dean and Bart and Libby and to all the Kamen family.

We were honored to have met Mr. Kamen several times at various events, and were inspired by his own personal achievements as well as those of his family, of which he was very proud. From us personally, and from all the members of Team 768, we hope that your fond memories will help you through this difficult time.

Robyn & Fred Needel

When I heard the news myself I cried. He was an awesome guy, I don’t think there was a moment when he wasn’t smiling when I stayed with him and his wife last year.

To the Kamen family, my thoughts are with you.

(Though, Libby you better have already informed them of this!!)

Libby and I grabbed this off of a website a few days ago (I forget which)


Rest in Peace Jack Kamen. You raised two incredible sons.

Dear Lord, please watch over the Kamen family through this trying time.

A little searching on MeFi puts these two quotes under commentary on an article titled “The Anxiety of Influence.”](http://www.metafilter.com/65903/The-anxiety-of-influence#1888615) It was on an artist named Ed Mapplethorpe. (careful on the last link on the linked article)

What a great summary though… Jack, you’ve done well, RIP good sir.