Jag Help

So guys

We are using a combination of both black and grey jags, have them daisy chained together, but we arent able to see all of them on the computer.

We have Jag 6, going to 8 then to 7 then to 4, and on the computer it only shows 6, 8, and 4, even though 4 is connected to 7, and we can see 4.

Any ideas?


Which version of Jag is the number 7?

Also, are you using a terminator block at the end of the chain?

Your problem is probably having a grey jag at the wrong point in the chain.
Specifying colors would be nice…

Check to see that the CAN cables are correct. If some are crossed over it could explain what you’re seeing.

At CMP a couple of years back, one team made incorrect cables that crossed, and so they could only see the first, third, fifth, etc. Jags in the chain. Two crossed wires cancel the cross. Easy to do.

So, if you change the wiring order, does the problem follow the wire or Jaguars?