JAGS or not?

So my team decided on jags this year in order to run closed loop because we couldn’t get victors to work with our 8 motor sonicshifter drive train(4CIMs 4 MiniCIMs) and get closed loop to work. But the Jags keep cutting out because we are drawing to much current enough to basically turn off our robot signal lights. Changing the slew helps current draw and cutting out when it is in the right spot but jags still cuts out not as frequently.(i don’t code i just know there is a major problem and some detail) If we stop and wait 3 sec the cut out jags reset themselves

We can’t really get ride of motors because our gearings and speed would go out the window. Would there be a way to use victors in this set up and have closed loop and atleast limit cutting out? If you need more details ask

And yes i know it is late in season and yes i know very few people use jags

oh and we probably didn’t try the victor 888 would those help our problems

we’ve run into the same issue with our bot, I had such high hopes for the jags but we scrapped them and put in 888. The PID loop is now in software instead of hardware but that’s just a change we had to deal with. We are still using the Jags for position of arms and current mode(since we stall a motor) and it works great for those but we have learned to not use jags for drive or other potential high current situations they arn’t worth the trouble. Doesn’t really help your situation but if you ask me I would replace them with something else and make that something else work. also keep in mind you don’t tune the hardware pid values the same as software. the I and D terms in software pid are time bases and not gain coefficients so tuning is going to be different