What are some ideas to mounting Jags?

We make “T” shaped brackets out of Lexan and mount them back to back in a “standing up” configuration.

If we need several, that is…this year we only have four…will probably leave them lying flat.

Any way of posting a picture of this? I’m actually quite curious. We have been looking for different mounting configurations for a few years now.

I’ve never succeeded in posting pictures - and these are currently buried in a difficult to photograph spot of the Ultimate Ascent bot…so here’s a link to a Solidworks render I just sketched up and posted on our Flickr account:

We have a big lexan board in the middle of our frame where all of our electronics go. We mount them there based on weight distribution.

Ooh… I like this.

Might have to get creative in mounting talons, too.

Boxes with 4 talons internal, 1 fan blowing through it to keep them all super cool…