Jaguar and Victor Flashing lights?

What does it mean if you have jaguar with a flashing amber light, fan is not moving, and a victor with an amber flashing light, fan moving?

It means no PWM signal is being sent (or received) from the Digital Sidecar.
This can be because
– the cRIO is disabled (No comm with the DS, No DS Disable/Enable switch installed, DS Disable switch thrown, broken code trapped by a Watchdog)
– The code on the cRIO did not open that particular pwm output
– the PWM cable is not connected properly or is broken

The victor fan was wired to run constantly, without control, directly off the input power while the Jaguar fan is controlled.

ok, well on the ds, it says Battery: No Code, System: Enabled, Mode: teleoperated, Team: 0522, DS Rev: 2008-10-29a… does this mean, theres no program in the cRIO?

It looks like the code on the cRIO is incorrect.

Did you update the cRIO with the FRC cRIO Imaging Tool?
The latest update file is

Are you running with your own code now?

Are the Jaguar/Victor plugged into PWM 1 & 2 and the Digital Sidecar plugged into the cRIO module in slot 4?

Yes, i updated to FRC 2009 v2. The pwms are in 1 and 2 and the digital sidecar is infact inserted into cRIO module slot 4. Now i configured windriver and read and followed the instructions on page 85-94. How do i know if the program is downloaded in the cRIO? the new way of downloading a program seems to be confusing me greatly? The code ive been trying to download was Simple Robot Template, with no changes to it at all, just whatever is included in Simple Robot Template. No modifications, any suggestions or what should i do or what am i doing wrong?

Did you try using “Download” under the “FIRST” pulldown on the menu bar,
or are you using “Run”?

ok, yes i did try that, heres how i have it wired: Laptop ethernet to DS ethernet port 2, DS eth port 1 to cRIO eth port 1. Switch on DS is on TELEOP, Competition port switch is :System: Disabled. I click download, the loading bars go across and then it disappears. Am i doing anything wrong? My laptop’s IP address is also static at subnetmask, default gateway of Am i doing something wrong?

That all looks good.

Reboot or reset the cRIO to force it to start the new program after a Download.

Run will take effect immediately, but will NOT be there after the cRIO is restarted.

ok, i rebooted it, nothing, so i hit the reset button on the cRIO. But now i cant ping it, or cRIO image it.When i open the crio imaging tool, it shows the crio with the current ip address of, but i can’t “format” it? I’m really lost here, please assist me as much as you can with this issue. What do i do next?

actually, i got it to reformat… i needed to change the ip on my laptop to, please bear with m,e as i try to reupload a program.

now after this is done reformatting, turn off the crio and then turn it on and rthen go to FIRSt and download in windriver?

Make sure the reformat works and the jaguar/victors work before you try downloading again.

Also your laptop IP should now be

ok well, the jaguars and the victors are still flashing amber. however on the DS it says battery:00.00V… but now on the NI9742 module, the leds are now flashing left to right and right to left, which it didnt do before. However the jaguars and the victors are still flashing amber? Thank you for helping me through this long process. What should i do now?

The flashing lights indicate that you are in autonomous mode in one of the default codes (I can’t remember which).

The 00.00V indicates that you are missing a Jumper on the battery select jumper on the analog breakout in slot 1.

Mark, We have not received our station yet, but hope to this week. :yikes:

I am trying to stay on top of all the documentation and updates so that we are ready, once it arrives, to perform the OTB testing followed by updating everything, in order, to the correct versions. The only piece of this I don’t seem to have is the cRio update “”. Where can I find this? Is it on the DVD’s that come with the kit, or elsewhere?

Inside the early ship control system is a brightly colored piece of paper that tells you how and where to download the update. It is also linked to on - LabVIEW FRC software update at NI to be used to update software from the FRC DVD provided in the new control system kit

ok, so what do you recommend i do? how do i know if i’m stuck in autonomous mode? is there a way to tell? Do i go into windriver and then first and then download and download a new program?

You probably have it but just can’t see it yet.
It comes as part of the Update at:

After you install the update that missing file will automatically appear in the FRC cRIO Imaging Tool file selection window, but it’s stored at:
C:\Program Files\National Instruments\LabVIEW 8.5\project\CRIO Tool\FRC Images

There is a toggle on your driver station that you can change between auto (autonomous) and not. Make sure you have it NOT on auto.

i dont know if the last post was meant for me, but i already have the FRC 2009 v2 image. and i did everything but why are these lights still blinking?