Jaguar and wireless problems.

We have blinking LEDs on our Jaguars and our wireless has randomly stopped working. After doing the benchtop test, configuring wireless, updating everything, and running our system via wireless on the new system we opened up Labview. After exploring Labview our wireless dropped off and we can’t get a signal to our pwms. We’ve tried everything we can think of reupdating, tethering, and succesfully pinged out cRIO among other things, but still nothing. So now we come to ask for assistance because we have a hit a dead end.

Team 2250 has been trying the benchtop test with worse problems. We have set up the benchtop test, have tried with both Victors and Jaguars (either/or) and our problem is we cannot get any control of motors via joysticks using the tether. We’re basically stuck at the “Tank Drive” portion of the test. Any insights?