Jaguar configuration problem

Hiii guys , :))))
I wanna ask your help !!! I’ve fall in a delima :frowning:
How can I know if the Jaguar is working ?!!
because I doubt that some jaguars are bad !!

What is the Jaguar currently doing? What is the light on it doing when you try to run your code?

Here is what you’re looking for.

but how can I know that the jaguar is working with configuring it to the Power Distribution Board???!!
Please help me !! I’ve stuckk in this problem :(:(((((

You will need to power the Jaguar to tell if it is working. First connect the input power to the PD and see if it will wake up. You should see the lights on the PD come on and the Jaguar fan should spin and the LED on the Jaguar will blink. If all of this is good, check PWM operation of the Jaguar. You will need to have software running with the Jaguar PWM commands. Enable and watch the LED on the Jag. You should be able to command it for forward and reverse. If it reacts normally, try connecting a motor and rerun the above tests.