Jaguar deadband?

In the FRC Programming Guide, I see something in the Jaguar controls about deadband. In our robot, we can’t have any deadband. I didn’t see anything about it in other manuals, so I’m wondering what this is. Do any of you know? It’s on page 249 as well as others as arguments. Is this deadband just a null zone, or is it more advanced as it makes me believe? Also, I can’t seem to find the VI in the palette in labview. Where is it?

What could you possibly mean you “can’t have any deadband”? ANY motor controller you buy will have SOME deadband. It needs X amount of juice before it will even try to make the motor go.

The Jaguars have a substantially smaller deadband than the victors, they’re substantially more linear, and just all around a better motor controller.

You’ve been programming around these deadbands for years. I highly doubt you have any mechanism on your robot that can’t have a deadband. We’ve built all manner of high-accuracy mechanisms, and the deadbands have never been an issue.