Jaguar DOA rate?

4 of the 8 Jaguars we purchased for our robot’s drive control appear to be DOA. We apply 12v power (correct polarity, we checked) and the status LED stays dark. Does anyone have any suggestions to try? We are very frustrated at the (apparent) lack of QC.

I have never had a Jaguar come DOA.

Over the past few years I’ve probably purchased 30+.

The only tips I can suggest is the obvious one to check if reverse polarity was ever applied. The other would be to make a Serial-CAN adapter and try and recover the Jaguars using BDC-COMM. This would force firmware on to them in case the one on there is corrupt, or one was never installed.

Jaguars are run through a final production test before they ship out to customers. You will get more assistance if you contact VEX support directly.

With the incredible customer support of Vex & Andymark: If you are having an out of the box problem, your best first call is to them. Don’t get too spoiled. When you get to the real world, most companies customer support are not that awesome.

We had 2 of them come to us DOA. I reached out by email and they had 2 new units on the way and a shipping label to send the bad ones back. Was a bit worried that it was going to be a huge hassle but turned out to be some of the best customer support I’ve ever dealt with.