Jaguar exploded resistor???

We seem to have blown a Jaguar, two in fact. Both were used on different motors with the correct fuses in place. The small surface mount resistor, R15, blew up on them and melted into another component. When tracing the leads from the resistor, it seems to go to the same trasnsistor everyone else has been having problems with.

Does anyone have this problem or a solution. We have plenty of Jaguars, so that is not the problem, we just don’t want to keep blowing them.

I will post some pictures of the blow resistor later.


Please be sure to contact luminary about this. They will send you a replacement right away.

Are you sure it was R15?

This happened to us today. I wired up a Jaguar for CIM that runs our conveyor system. I heard a small pop and smelled burning electronics… never a good sign.

So we tested it on one of our drive CIMs just to make sure it was dead, and the results came back positive, so we switched in our last Jaguar, but it has been running fine so far. I had heard of other Jaguars burning out before too, so I wasn’t THAT surprised.

exact same thing happened to use today…

We have had 4 jaguars go out on us…and where we are located express shipping is inpractical so we had to make a roadtrip 100 miles to get new ones in time to test everything before shipping

Please contact us if these four Jaguars are different from the Jaguars you mentioned were wired improperly…

If wired improperly, the units will almost certainly “go out on you”. :wink:


makes sense, thats why i check everything before we power up for first times…

Also i just e-mailed you guys regarding our jaguar and provided pics…

sounds serious, they will send you a replacement but double check youe fuses and breaks to make sure this was the jaguar and not fualty wiring on your part.

on the other hand I DID have an issue like this with our jaguar acting strangely. it would pulse then I heard a loud “clack”, followed by plenty of rotten smells =p.

I believe that they reset when they overload, can anyone confirm this for me?