Jaguar issues

We have a robot build to test driving code that is running on tank drive. Whenever we run the code, everything seems to run fine until we push the left joystick forward and the right backwards, giving the Jags a negative value, aka red status light. It seems to just jerk then the jaguars shut off. It doesn’t seem like a programming or electrical error. We think the jaguars are the issue. Is this the issue or is something else wrong with it?

Does this occur when you have the robot up on blocks or only when it’s on the ground? I think the load on the motors is highest when turning like you mentioned, and if something is wrong with your drivetrain it would pull the most current and perhaps trip breakers.

It happens with both situations. Even if I give the motors a minute value, they rev up then cut off.

Double-check the 12 volt power going to your Digital Sidecar. Are its BATT, +5v, and +6v lights all bright? Does the Robot Signal Light flash appropriately for the mode (enabled/disabled) you’re commanding from the Driver Station?

Motor controllers that cut out when multiple PWM signals are commanded to full reverse are a strong suggestion that your Digital Sidecar is not properly powered and is running on “leakage” from the 37-pin connector.

Thanks, Alan, that seems to be the issue.

EDIT: Everything but the battery light is flashing