Jaguar malfunction

Hi. My team has been using the luminary micro Jaguar for basically everything this year, and one of ours just failed. The jag went from perfectly driving a Cim to not working in one cRIO reboot. No idea why. All the wires are plugged in properly. After digging around in the jag manual on luminary micro’s website, we found instructions to recalibrate the jag. Trying this on a working jag was fine, but on the broken jag, after holding the user button with a paper clip as instructed for 5 seconds, the red and green flashing lights came on. We moved the joystick to full forward, full backward, and neutral, then waited for the yellow light. Nothing. The jag continued to have a solid yellow light when the robot was enabled, and a blinking yellow light when it was not. The PWM connected to the jag is not the issue; it provided signal to another jag just fine. It seems like the status light is working properly, but that there’s an issue in how the jag processes signal. Maybe there’s a broken connector where the PWM plugs in. We got the jag last year and used it on our robot for Lunacy. Does the warranty cover this?
Thanks. Ideas would be great.