Jaguar Microsite Important Update

Hi folks,

If you have not checked out the microsite lately, please visit it today at]( Specifically, please pay special attention to the following updates:

  • Jaguar Discount Program - as an FRC team member / mentor, get Jaguar for $73.33 and Black Jaguar for $85

  • FRC2010 Jaguar FAQ

  • Getting Started

  • BDC-COMM User’s Manual

  • BDC-COMM Application (CLI and GUI)

  • MDL-BDC and MDL-BDC24 FRC2010 Firmware (updated today!)

  • Jaguar RMA Procedure (yes, we have the same lightning-speed policy as last year, but since we are now Texas Instruments, you contact us a little differently this year)

Hope the build season is going well!



Thank you for the notice.