jaguar or victor limit?

Is there any limit on the number of victors or jaguar’s we can have on the robot? I am not an electrical person just asking for the electronics people. I couldn’t find any limits in the rules but the wouldn’t be easy to fix at competition. Thanks!

There is no limit, besides the budget rule and how many you can have plugged into the PD board/DigitalSideCar.

We are planning to use 8 victors this year.


Lets clarify… you can have them on the robot but not plugged in, so the PD board/Digital Sidecar don’t limit how many you can have. As you said, the budget rule does come into affect, but also don’t forget about the size constraints!

Wasn’t there a GDC answer some years ago about limits to the number of Spike relay modules that could be put on a robot? If I recall correctly, they showed the volume computation that would be the ultimate limit.

2010, I believe

Interesting never thought of using Vics or Jaqs as “non functional decorations”.
Cause we sure do have a pile of burnt up ones :cool: