Jaguar - Potentiometer - Position Mode

Well since it looks like I’m snowed in this weekend, I wanted to work on some Labview functions for one of the other teams I help.

I don’t know what units I get from a Closed Loop CAN Jaguar in Position Mode using a Potentiometer. Do I get volts?, rotations?, ADC? anyone know?

I’d test it myself, but, I neglected to have a Jaguar at home to test with.


I finally got around to testing position mode with a potentiometer.

The results… drum roll please

You receive the number of turns from the Jaguar as a double decimal value.
So you’ll receive 0.0000 - 5.0000 for a 5 turn, 0.0000 - 1.0000 for a single.

It’s virtually identical to the encoder position mode example. Just change it from an encoder to a pot, and the number of counts to number of turns.

At this point my brain get’s a little fuzzy, but, if I recall from my testing, if you don’t have PID configured as well, it doesn’t move the motor at all.

Thanks Michael for that info.