Jaguar problem

We connected one jaguar and the motor would only spin one way.
We swapped the jaguar with another one then it worked, is this a common problem or did we do something wrong?
Is our jaguar defective?

Are both limit switch jumpers in place on the jaguar with the issue? They are located on the right side of the set of ports on the front of the controller. Compare the two controllers if you’re unsure.

This was a common failure mode of the grey jaguars but based on your team number I’d have to imagine you’re referring to a black jag

Can you describe what the LEDs on both the good and the “bad” jaguar do when you command forward and reverse?

Had not thought of the jumpers will check that tomorrow!

I cannot remember off the top of my head, Will post a picture tomorrow.

Okay so I havea question is it legal to mount electrical components such as jaguars on like aluminum? I havent found any rule against it but does anyone know for sure?

Yes, you can mount jaguars, as well as many other electronic components on metal as their cases are isolated. The cRio and camera cannot be mounted on aluminum as their cases are grounded and the robot frame would not be isolated.