Jaguar programming (jaguar.h) HELP!

Alright, so we’ve recently encountered some major problems regarding our cRIO etc. which are now fixed (had something to do with get_feature.exe, but whatever we did fixed it). Now there’s another problem. We’re using part of our code from the 2011 competition that has Jaguars included in the program, with four Jaguars in total hooked up directly to four motors. Our WindRiver will not build our code though, and gives us multiple errors that it claims are in the “jaguar.h” header file. However, when I check our installed jaguar.h and the official jaguar.h here, they are completely identical. However the errors that come up include things such as <error: no matching function for call to ‘Jaguar::Jaguar()’> in the program or weird errors such as <note: Jaguar::Jaguar(UINT8, UINT32)> or <note: candidates are: Jaguar::Jaguar(const Jaguar&)> in the “jaguar.h” header file. Our header is the exact same as the one referenced above. What’s going on?! Is there something completely obvious that I’m missing? Help!!

try creating a simple robot example project

if you are able to build it, it’s your code

otherwise, try re-installing windriver
If you are still having issues, could you be more specific?