Jaguar/Victor ESC Short Protection?

Do the Jaguar and Victor speed controls have any protection (besides the fuses) against motor stalls or shorts, or will they output current regardless?

Neither device has any feature specifically designed to save the motor if it stalls.

Jaguars do have an overcurrent protection that will protect the device itself in the event of a motor stall or short.

From the Jaguar FAQ:

The Jaguar(MDL-BDC) modules have a self protection feature that does not allow excessive current to
be drawn.This feature protects both the motor and the motor controller from damage. The Jaguar
(MDL-BDC) module normally provides up to 40A of continuous current to a heavily loaded motor.
However, it is capable of providing much higher currents ,but for shorter periods of time. Jaguar
provides 60A for up to two seconds and provides 100A for approximately 0.2s.

After this fault is tripped the current will shut off for 3 seconds before turning back on.

As far as I know the Victors do not have an equivalent feature.