Jaguar/Victor screw supplier

Does anybody know where we can find a supplier for the jaguar and victor screws. The ones we have are 6-32 x 1/4 inch phillips. They are colored, and, if at all possible, we would like to buy some more colored ones, for organization purposes.


Just get the screws plain and dab some paint/nail polish on them.

Most of ours Victor screws either do not have paint on them or were painted by the students. The originals were mostly lost over time, so we ordered new ones. I think these might be the ones we got last time. They are slightly shorter than 1/4 inch, but seem to work fine.

By the way, I think The Electronics Goldmine is a great place to look for inexpensive components. Most of the motors they carry and some other parts are not FIRST legal. However they are still great for demonstration components, off season projects, training, etc.

The Black Jaguar BOM lists the manufacturer of the screw terminals is Keystone Electronics with P/N 8191-X, where X=2 (RED), 3 (BLACK), 4 (WHITE), and 6 (GREEN). But this is the whole kit (screw and terminal). Keystone also sell the screws separately, P/N 9190-X (same values of X). They’re available at Mouser, Mouser P/N 534-9190-X (same values of X).

We found standard screws in our shop that work just fine with Victors after cutting off a couple threads. [strike]I don’t remember the size off hand.[/strike] The previous statement is still true, but I seem to want to say they’re 5/32".

I suppose a Sharpie could work for color-coding.

Not sure about Jaguars.

The first thing we do with new Jaguar’s is remove the screws and replace them with Torx drive 6-32 X 1/4" screws from McMasterCarr (92610A144). The Torx drive screws are much easier to tighten to a consistent torque and the drive never slips.

I would like to add that I would prefer binding head screws in this application if I was placing an order. All screws are not created equal.

I would recommend removing every single painted screw and throwing them in the garbage. There are markings on the motor controllers themselves, and those screws can and will get accidently swapped around. I know this from experience. If you rely on screw color you WILL eventually kill a motor controller. It’s not a question of “if”, just a question of “when”.

Get people used to looking at the markings on the motor controller. If you have trouble seeing them, paint those, not the screws. You’ll be happy you did in the long run.

What is the best metal for these screws?

Al or Bruce – do button head socket cap screw perform similarly to binding head screws? I agree with Bruce that it is easier to control the screw torque using a Torx head driver. The CAD view available on McMaster appear to show similar holding surfaces (under the head) for both types.

Doing this on a gray Jaguar leaves metal debris inside the unit. Not good. The effect is the same for a Victor (I believe) except the Victor is conformally coated so that the debris is typically left largely trapped in the coating itself (the coating wicks up the terminals).

What I encourage my team to do with Black Jaguars is to only remove and replace one screw at a time (if they need to remove a screw). If they’re disciplined in this practice, the screw colors can be of use. Of course I also encourage them to follow “Trust, but verify”.

I recommend that you also check into the finish of the screws that you will be getting. Certain finishes can create conductive particles, which can contribute to arcing across the terminals of your Victor or Jaguar.