Jaguar vs. victor vs. talon speed controllers

What is the difference between the three different speed controllers? THANKS :smiley:

There’s already a recent thread about this.

Each one has it pluses. But I can say our team has gone with the Talon. Here is the reasons.
Its lighter
Its smaller
Compaired to the 884 it cools down quicker
Its sealed. (No metal chips can get in)
Our team decided to buy some in Oct so we could put them though a stress test. We attached them to our drives and ran 2 side event with no fans. If our drives don’t over heat the talons I just do not see much anything else doing it. IFI puts out great products So if you go with 888’s again you can’t go wrong. Jags had issues when they first came out and I have never trusted them since.

Again, use search…

The gist is that Jaguars are the bulkiest (almost to the point of being unsuitable this year) but the most capable and flexible of the three. They can accept both PWM and CAN input and can use sensors such as limit switches, pots, and encoders directly. The Talon and Victor are PWM only, and so neither of them are capable of those functions. Talons are the smallest of the three, and they have a virtually identical response curve to the Jaguar, but they’re still fairly new and “untested” so to speak. Victors have the worst response curves (even using the 888), and they’re larger than the Talon, but they’re $10 cheaper and they’ve proven themselves as extremely reliable.

Our team has used jaguars and victors the past few years we have used jaguars . this year we have decided to go with the talons . jaguars are large and bulky you can fit two talons in the space of one jaguar. if you use ten talons instead of ten jaguars you save about a pound of weight if i remember from our calculations. jaguars can be used in either CAN or PWM which Talons and victors can only use PWM. victors are the cheapest and talons and jaguars are a little more expensive. and if you buy talons from what i know any talon on a 40amp breaker must have a fan which you will have to supply and mount your self.
hope this helps