Jaguars get wrong value

Hello all,
We are using the defualt LV robot program with more then a few changes.
we wrote our own mecanum drive code with an Attack3 joystick and another Logitech wheel. Both the controllers and the code seems to provide a correct value.
Most of the time it work just fine, but it often happens that the robots just change direction without us to move the stick and while the outputs in the code are just fine…
It happend with both black (connected with PWM wires) and gray jaguars.
Note that the jaguars light changes as well and that the change is in all jaguars at the sime time.
This happens only on high speeds and mostly when driving sideways. We tried the with no improvement.

Any help will be appreciated.

Since it seems to be a code problem, posting your zipped project will let some of us look for the logic flaw.