Jaguars, Is there a discount code for 2012?

Starting to order a few parts and I haven’t a place to buy Jaguars for less then $109.00 and I can’t find an coupon or FIRST only Jaguar site.

There’s a link from that says FRC2012 discount program, but it’s currently broken.

I found the same thing, based on this site they should be available through Digikey for $85

Starting 01/12/12 Digi-Key will be offering the Jaguars at $85. Sorry about the delay, as we have had some website issues. Tomorrow we will make an 800 number available to those who would like to order before we have the website back up.

It’s now the 12th. Website or 800 number is fine. How do we do this?

The phone number is listed at

I called them and they were very helpful. You can also use the $50 discount from Digi-Key to further reduce the cost.

I just tried to place an order with the digikey phone number on TI site - they no longer accept phone orders for the discount.
Instead go to:
and enter in your information and then when you add the jaguar part to your shopping cart:
it will be at the discounted price of $85. They will also deduct $50 from your order total before billing.

TI needs to update the ordering info on this page which is no longer accurate :®ARM®CORTEX+Other&HQS=Other+OT+jaguar