Jaguars mounted upside down?

Is there a risk of mounting our jaguars upside down, suspended above the ground and our drivetrain motors? My main concerns are tat they are too susceptible to damage there and that they will overheat. So, is it safe to mount them there, should we find another place to put them?

EDIT:: The concensus seems to be that we shouldn’t have any problems. I was just a bit panicky because our previous experience with Jaguars were filled with smoke and melted plastic…

In 2009, we hung about 8 of the Tan Jaguars upside-down with no problems whatsoever (other than the design people left no room to access them for troubleshooting). Just make sure if you use PWM, use the strain relief tab so the connectors don’t easily fall out. Hot glue works well, too.

The orientation of the Jaguar should not affect thermal performance. Impeding the airflow around them will.

My team has mounted them upside down for a few years now. We actually prefer having them upside down as metal shavings can’t get into them and they are protected more because they can’t get hit by a game piece, field element, other robot, etc. just make sure to keep them up off the ground a little bit to prevent rubbing. Also they probably won’t overheat as they have fans to help keep them cool.

Good luck.