Jaguars running on template code

Hello Delphi Forums this is my first post ever so pardon my inexperience. I am at this point trying to get my Jaguar’s running on PWM with the basic software that Firsts gives you. I can get one side of my kit bot to work fine with the Jag on that side but I have tried multiple Jags on the other side and I cannot get it to move the light turns solid and I know that the motor works and that the whole system is getting power. I have tried ALL of the PWM slots on the digital sidecar but I cant get it to move… any suggestions form the more experienced members of the community? Is the sample code only programmed for one Jag? Thank you so very much for your help!

What programming language are you using? Knowing that, we can show you how the sample code for that language controls each motor output.

Plug the PWM cable from the side that is not working into the output that is working. If it starts working then you have a software problem. If it does not work then you have a hardware problem.