James' ultimate Infinite reCHARGE theory

Welcome to James’ 2020 Infinite ReCHARGE theories.

We are getting frisbees back, if you noticed, the poster for the teaser reveal was a robot from 2013, FRC youtube channel’s banner are three robots from 2013… why would they use some many 2013 stuff? Also, have you noticed how much in the video does the character look to the sky, looking up… ascending…I beleive that is a hint for shooting things. At 0:54 you can notice an x-wing and other spacecraft entering to a thingy that looks really similar to the 2013 and 2014 scoring places.

I believe there will be one game element, at the end of the video you happen to be carrying something, maybe an additional piece for the endgame. The blackout that it is seen probably refers to the endgame. All the spacecraft are flying into a safe place, and the zeppelin says something about a threat so endgame may be an escape of some sort.

The live show for the teaser was on the Hoover dam, they talked about how they added new generators, so the field element is going to be some sort of generator, so maybe build/complete it and then “fuel” it. You should have a constant flow of energy so probably we are getting back time scoring. These generators will be called power cells, as per the first star wars connection.

My theory on human players, during the video we see BB-8 and R2D2 helping you out, and the droids usually represent a helpful partner to call it some way For example, R2D2 helped Anakin in his ship in Episode II. Because we see the droids there with “us” that makes me think human players’ role will be more important such as in 2017 that scoring sort of depended on them.

If the blackout is not the endgame it will be the autonomous period, like in 2019 we are getting blackout curtains again. It will be easy to integrate ‘using the force’ to drive and most likely will happen.’

I think it will be similar to 2013, 2016 and 2017 and a bit from 2019

Also small credit @J_Beta on Chief Delphi for some info on the points.



Not addressing you specifically but how many different topics do we need on predicting? I see it might be worth combining some of these into some of the larger threads on this.


I think i missed this. Do you have a link? Its not something I can’t find it in the DLC.

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