Jan. 25 is Thank Your Mentor Day

Jan. 25, 2005 is “Thank Your Mentor Day.”

I am working on a couple of ideas, but would be very interested in hearing from the CD community on how to really embrace this. There are so many things that we could do, as a group, to highlight the mentors in FIRST, as part of mentoring nationwide.

Anyone interested?

Yes, I’m interested :slight_smile:
-I’m thinking Woodie Flowers essays could also be submitted at that website…

I’m also interested.

Great idea…

i am very interested… :slight_smile:

Count me IN!
(I can use a break or some R-N-R in the middle of the BUILD-IT-IN-SIX weeks period) :slight_smile:

I am so interested, Miss Jenny. A lot of mentors deserve recognition, especially the ones who have mentorees that don’t see how much work they put into helping them. I’m personally all for this, it’s a great way to show a mentor GP and how much you care for them.

I’m interested

Also… cough cough](http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/ufh.php?)

Jenny i would be interested in helping out to do something for overall FIRST or specific people, let me know.

I would be interested in helping out as well

I think this is a really cool idea.

If I can I of course would love to help. We really truely don’t seem to thank all the great mentors enough. -Thanks to all!!-

There are a few ways we could approach this. It would be nice to have it a little bit organized to make more of an impact. As Rich points out, this would be a great time to start working on the WFA process.
I think the sheer impact of having dozens and dozens of brief stories, all starting the same way, would be great.
Let’s continue with the ideas and then get to work.
Thanks all.

Oh yeah …I knew that… unsung FIRST Heroes … sorry Amanda I was in a rush earlier.

OK, Jenny, how about a huge 4-pronged-we-love-our-mentor(s)-bonanza.

Each team will only be able to submit one entry for the Woodie Flowers award, but those entries can also be used to submit info at www.WhoMentoredYou.org, and for an unsung FIRST hero as well. Or recognize a different mentor with each entry

Here are the four prongs:

  1. WFA entry (as per FIRST rules). Please see these threads:
  2. UFH Nomination here
  3. Mentor recognition at http://www.WhoMentoredYou.org
  4. Anything else your team can think of to honor your mentors…

-continue to post ideas/info in this thread
-Between now and “Thank Your Mentor Day” (1.25.05), create/compile as many of these thank you’s as you can.
-Take a few minutes out of your build to make a thank you presentation to team mentor(s) on that magical day (1.25.05)
-create a thread of the outcomes and shared stories to inspire for the future.

*Remember, this isn’t about your probability of winning the award, it’s about recognizing people who make an impact in your lives and on our culture. Do this. Say thank you in every way you can.

I would like to see Thank Your Mentor Day every day.

Seriously, to set aside a day to me is kind of like forcing the idea on people. As a mentor I don’t need a special day cause I get one every time a light goes on in a students head. I know it doesn’t happen much on our team but that’s OK. I may have missed the point but when a mentor suggests to have a mentor day ???

I am a little different so take what I say as you will but please do not be offended because that is not my aim. :o

No offense taken, let me clarify. Jenny and I are both Sr. Mentors with FIRST. We are not looking to be recognized in any way. It is part of our charge to find new ways to recognize mentors and volunteers. We would love thank you’s to take place every day just like you say. Still, mentor overload, burnout, and frustration are real entities in FIRST. FIRST is special because it is especially difficult AND especially rewarding. In order for us to sustain, continue, and grow, “taking care” of the most important part of FIRST, those who tirelessly give their time, is essential. I trust each team can find the best way to do that. Jenny and I just want to present this opportunity.

(NOTE: Rich types faster than me. :p) No offense taken. I have found it an almost universal trait among mentors to not want to be recognized. Obviously, the mentors here are not here because they want to toot their own horn. But my job is to help recruit and retain mentors and volunteers and I am always looking for new ways to do it. I am also always trying to communicate what FIRST is all about, and one of the things that makes FIRST so different from so many other programs is the level of mentoring that goes on.
Jan. 25, 2005 has been designated as a day to recognized mentors as part of an entire month to recognize mentors. Here in Maryland I am linking up with all sorts of activities in Jan., to recruit and publicize mentoring. We have a great opportunity here.

Hey! My birthday is the next day! :slight_smile:

I think this is a great idea, and definitely keep us up to date with what we can do for FIRST mentors. I know personally, I have now been a mentor as both a college student, and now as the team lead… but I could never have the team we have today without all of our other mentors on the team. And when I see them and the students working together, I realize how great this program is, but also how much we need to make sure we take special care of those people. I personally gave holiday cards and little teddy bears out to all my mentors to say thanks for their help, but I think reminding everyone with a special day for the mentors is a great idea.

I see Steve W’s point in that we dont need another “Halmark Holiday” to think of our mentors, but sometimes its nice to have a reminder. Plus its right in the middle of build season, so what better time to take an hour out and celebrate our mentors, and realize why we are doing this :slight_smile:

Let us know what you come up with!

It’s okay Steve. Team 188 will have a “Thank Your Mentors (except Steve W) Day” instead.


Of course we’re talking about a team where disgruntled students frequently duct tape their mentors to the wall.


I propose a “Mentors get EVEN with the students” day…

Snarkiness aside - although I reside in Steve W’s camp on the awkwardness of mentors setting up a day to recognize themselves, you can’t question the fact that there ARE mentors who have to carefully weigh the benefits between mentoring a FIRST team vs spending time with the family, at work, other hobbies, etc. For these mentors, the choice to participate in FIRST is hardly a given, and with good reason - FIRST means a lot, but it ain’t everything. And quite honestly, the best mentors are often the ones with too much on their plate already. If a little recognition saves or gains a mentor, then bring on “Thank Your Mentor day,” self-serving or not.

is the link to entering your testimonial for a mentor for this project, www.whomentoredyou.org

-Need to limit to 300 words, and they are listed in order of the mentor’s last name. The site will add and remove these as they see fit, but will keep all of them.
-Even if yours does not get posted, be sure to print it out and give it to your mentor on Jan. 25.
-Suggestion: why doesn’t everyone mention FIRST(For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) :slight_smile:

in their first sentence.
-Spread the word! This is going to be fun.