Janitor went back to school?

Hey Guys,
I remember reading a story here on CD where, after spending long nights with the team, one of the janitors decided to go back to school. A quick search turned up nothing, does anyone happen to remember what thread it came from?

  • Lemiant

Team 1511, Rolling Thunder, will claim the story. It was part of our Chairman’s Presentation on 2007. From our essay:

Late nights working on our robot has brought us closer to our school’s staff. The custodians support our team and love to come up and see our robot. Last year, the team’s hard work and dedication inspired one of the school custodians to go to college to further his education.

Maybe one of us told the story here on CD as well, but I couldn’t find it either!

I did a bunch of different searches, and the best i could find was this:

For some reason i couldnt access the link on that post, nor could i even get to their homepage or any other page, like their chairmans essays which might have the story.
If you really want to find the post, i suggest PM’ing the user of the post in the above link
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The link is just off clip of them yelling “Who’s hot, we’re not” or something like that.