Japanese Land Walker Robot

I was searching around youtube and I found this
Japanese Mechwarrior
Anyone who has every played Mechwarrior/Phantom Crash/ect… will now be able to buy one of their own for only $300,000.

What do you guys think?

While it technically is rolling rather than walking, it is still rather cool.

um… well it’s interesting to say the least.

I love the target it shoots at! Space invaders! :ahh:

While it is pretty nifty, I don’t really see an actual “use” for it. [And it has a $300,000 price tag to boot.]

However, to be able to ride/operate would be awesome! [For a small fee, of course.] It would make a great theme park attraction.

So besides the coolness factor, until I have the money, and space to store it [that thing is huge!], I would rather have a Segway…

…Imagine how many Segways $300,000 could buy… :rolleyes:

im builging one eight now that i will fly to japan with and battle with that one.

Same, this would be a great thing to rent out rides, no one will be able to buy one of things unless they are ridiculously rich, yet if given the money for a $300,000 vehicle I would much rather have this in my garage than any $300,000 car.

It isn’t meant to be practical, just for that coolness factor.

kinda reminds me of star wars. just because.

it would be scary if it decided to take control as you’re riding in it, and start attacking people and what not though.

$300,000!!! WoW Im UnderWhelmed!

whats the point of having the legs thrash back and forth like that when it doesnt actually lift its feet? It could simply skid steer or use a crab drive.

I sounds like the garbage truck emptying a dumpser :ahh:

For $300k it should be able to fly

I agree it would be worth it if it were 300000 Yen

witch is about $833.33

300,000.00 JPY
Japan Yen = 2,618.36 USD
United States Dollars
Yeah, that’s about right!

But it looks like it’s going to fall over or thrash itself to pieces every time it takes a step!

kinda reminds me of star wars. just because.

That was my first thought. This seems like just a bit too much money for what it’s worth. Now maybe if they built an ATST…

the saddest part of all: Land Walker?!

I guess ParkingLotWalker doesnt have the same techno ring to it?

( I dont think that could make it across my lawn )

I wanna see it go toe to toe with the robot they use to take to Monster truck shows

what was that thing called, the one that picks up cars and crushes them, then blowtorches the remains

There was a special on the Travel Channel about them a few days ago (it was two in the morning, I was bored). There’s several of them.

I dunno about anyone else, but I thought it was cool. It’s like the Japanese are on their way to making a Gundam mech. suit or something :slight_smile: Very cool, just speed it up a bit.

Those Japanese people and their silly cartoons and tiny inventions. Granted, the motors we use to build our robots at K-T are from Japan.

Japan’s most exported goods are motors. Okay, probably not true but it could be Sushi.

Mmm for raw fish.

they are on their way to making an army of robots that shuffle their feet across parking lots, and shoot tennis balls at you!

I think we are way ahead of them - isnt Robosaurus about 20 years old now?

Play the video from this site:


Something to note about Robosaurus…

Isn’t Land Walker about the same size as a sedan?

Perfect prey…

Oh man… I see a challenge. I think the Japanese people would win though. I’m sure they could create some kind of tiny robot that clings on and then rapidly rusts the steel used in Robosaurus.

(Robosaurus is the robot that eats the cars right?)