Jared H-K’s FLL INTO ORBIT Resources

Jared H-K’s FLL INTO ORBIT Resources

Happy August, Chief!

You may know me from the resources I’ve been making as part of 1836. Well now I’ve graduated but I’m still trying to keep it up.

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**FLL 2018-2019 INTO ORBIT Resources are available now! See them at **fll18.jaredhk.com](http://fll18.jaredhk.com/)

This year, here is what I’m offering:

**Scoring Calculator: **Calculate the values of the missions using a spreadsheet-based scoring program.
fll18.jaredhk.com/calc Google Sheets, Excel, and Use-on-site available now

**Printables: **Print great resources for use without a computer
fll18.jaredhk.com/printable Full and Half Sheet docx and PDF available now

**Game Test: **Test your knowledge (or your students’ knowledge!) of the game
fll18.jaredhk.com/gametest Google Forms and Kahoot! coming later this week

**2.5 minute timer: **Our simple timer is back and available online or offline for your practice competitions, wherever you go.

**Email updates: **Want to know when game updates or changes to the resources happen? Send an email to fllupdates+subscribe@googlegroups.com and you’ll get automatically enrolled.
**Questions about resources or FLL: **Email me at jhasenklein [at] gmail [dot] com, write to me on this thread, or use the contact page on the website.

**FLL 2018-2019 INTO ORBIT Resources are available now! See them at **fll18.jaredhk.com](http://fll18.jaredhk.com/)

**FLL 2018-2019 INTO ORBIT Resources are available now! See them at **fll18.jaredhk.com](http://fll18.jaredhk.com/)

It seems like you are missing a : in your links.

It was some sketchy quotation marks from a WYSIWYG editor I used. Should be fixed now - thanks!

In addition to my calculators and printable resources which I posted, I have also now released a game test!


Find out how well you know the game using our interactive online test! We offer two formats:
:rocket:Self-graded Google Form: The Google Form will ask you multiple choice questions about the game and then give you a score. You can also opt to share your score with a coach, mentor or parent. Mentors: this is great “homework” for your kids in mid-August
:rocket:Kahoot!: Kahoot! is an online, multi-player interactive game. A mentor starts a game and each player needs a device (mobile or computer). The mentor will get a PIN and the kids will go to kahoot.it and enter the PIN to play. This is fun and competitive!

More info: fll18.jaredhk.com/gametest
Google Forms: https://goo.gl/A6YZ6v
Start Kahoot! Game: https://play.kahoot.it/#/k/41ba1a53-b43a-4d75-b08e-d68a915fafe0
Join Kahoot! Game: http://kahoot.it/