Jared H-K's DEEP SPACE resources

My resources are back for the 2019 FIRST Robotics Competition Season at deepspace.jaredhk.com

On my site, I will have a scoring calculator, game test, printables, a youth registration guide, and more. Read below to see what is in store. The scoring calculator will be published in Google Sheets within about 2 hours of Kickoff. I’ll post again here once it is ready. Excel will come later in the day. Printables and game test will be within the next few days (hopefully by end of day Monday). The registration guide is available now.

Scoring Calculator

The scoring calculator, offered at deepspace.jaredhk.com/calc, will allow you to calculate potential point values of the game. It will be offered in three formats: (1) Google Sheets - best for online usage. You will need to make a new copy when updates are published. (2) Excel - best for offline download. Excel required. You will need to redownload when there are updates. (3) Use on site - this doesn’t require updates or downloads but does require an internet connection and may not work in all browsers. Use with caution.


Details coming soon. Check back on deepspace.jaredhk.com/print and on this thread.

Game Test

A multiple choice test will be offered in two formats at deepspace.jaredhk.com/gametest. First is a Google Forms version which will provide you a grade and a link you can send to coaches/mentors with your score. The other option is a Kahoot! quiz which will allow teams to run their own rules competition. More details will be posted on this thread soon.

Registration Guide

Registering students in STIMS shouldn’t be hard. But it is. Use this guide as a walkthrough for youth registration for students and parents. This guide is ready now at deepspace.jaredhk.com/register.

Check it all out at deepspace.jaredhk.com! Content will be added constantly over the next few days. Continue to monitor this thread and the website for updates.

One last time, that website is deepspace.jaredhk.com!


The Google Sheets Calculator is live NOW at deepspace.jaredhk.com/calc!
Check it out now and please report bugs to me. Excel for offline coming soon.

Working for me on Google Sheets.

The Excel version of the calculator is ready for download. I have also made some minor updates to the Google Sheets version. If you’d like, you can update it. If not, you can wait for 1.2. These are all live at deepspace.jaredhk.com/calc.

Next up, game test. Stand by.

My game test is now available in both Google Forms and Kahoot! versions. Try the Google Forms version to challenge yourself or play the Kahoot! with your team for a fun competition. The test is 25 multiple choice questions. I know there are many other tests out there - pick whichever one you like and take it. Everyone else did a great job! Better yet, take them all and see if you’ve already mastered DEEP SPACE!

Start both at deepspace.jaredhk.com/gametest.

I have made significant updates since Kickoff. Most importantly, the calculator is now on v1.3. If you have any other version, please delete it and recopy (Google Sheets) or redownload (Excel) the sheet from deepspace.jaredhk.com/calc.

v1.3 updates (IMPORTANT)
  • Major: Typo on previous version only allowed for 16 CARGO to be counted but the correct maximum (as far as I can tell) is 20. This makes the max pre-penalty score the (presumed) correct 154 pts. rather than 142 pts.
  • Major: The SANDSTORM BONUS (drive off platform and pass the line) points were reversed. As in, Bonus 1 was counting for 6 pts. and Bonus 2 for 3. This should have been, and now is, reversed.
  • Minor: Improved appearance by removing validation help text on the right side and embedding support within the cells. You likely won’t notice this but it is more efficient.
  • Minor (I think): The SANDSTORM section has been labeled “Sandstorm Period (Autonomous).” This is obviously not a good or accurate name but I thought it would be helpful for people who know previous games. Apparently it really confused people. Plus, the #3 most missed question on the game test asks how long the auto period is. So I guess I should stop confusing people.

In addition, I have added a link to my compilation of resources from around the web and made minor adjustments to other resources.


As always, if you have any feedback, notice mistakes, have questions, or just want to talk (I swear, some people do talk to me on purpose) feel free to reply to this thread or message me through my website at deepspace.jaredhk.com/contact.