Jason Kixmiller - PURDUE / FIRST Scholarship

Congratulations to Jason Kixmiller, Captain, Driver and 3 year member of Cyber Blue Team 234, on his selection as one of the PURDUE / DELPHI / FIRST scholarships.

Great Job Jason!

Good Luck at Purdue.

Congrats Jason!

I was surprised, and very pleased, to see your name up on the screen at the Galileo field as a scholarship winner. Good Luck!

If you decide to stay with FIRST, 461 will be very lucky to have you.

If someone from 234 could have Jason shoot me an email ASAP… I’d really appreciate it!


You don’t REALLY want to work for Matt.
It’s not to late man! Think Clarkson! Think New York!



Of course what I meant to say was: Congratulations man! Good luck at Purdue. Make sure your grades and GPA comes before FIRST. Go to school, and have some fun, find out what it’s like… then… MAYBE think about 461. I’m sure Matt is going to tell you the same thing, right Matt? :wink:

Jason, when my dad told me that you had won the scholarship, I got so excited for you. Although I’m not that much older than you, I watched you grow up and mature through FIRST robotics. You are a great guy and a great friend and I know that whatever you decide to do in life, you will be successful in it. Good luck at Purdue (although it certainly isn’t the correct Indiana school to go to :wink: ) and best of luck with whatever you choose to do in life. If you decide to not join 461, you know that IndianaFIRST could use you any day.

Once again, good luck in your future and keep in touch.

>DK :]

Hey Jason, if you think you might want to continue FIRST as a 461 advisor, I’d like to hear from you. That goes for any incoming Purdue Freshmen. We’ve had instances in the past of people (even the Delphi/Purdue Scholarship winner) missing our advisor callout.

Just a heads up to Purdue freshmen, next semester’s callout will be within the first week of classes, so be on the lookout for information. Spots on next year’s tech team will be extremely limited, so it might not be a bad idea to contact me this summer so I can get to know you. :slight_smile: If you are going to IRI, stop by and see us!

Thanks, have a great summer and GO BOILERS!

I am very grateful for this scholarship…it is simply another testament to the amazing things that FIRST can do. Thanks to you all for your help and support along the way: FIRST has changed my life and I can never say thank you enough.