Java Camera Feed to Laptop

As our first goal for the season, we would like to get a camera feed to the driver’s station.

Does anybody know the sample code necessary to accomplish this task?


If you mean dashboard instead of driver station, the steps are …

  1. Configure your camera to using the camera configuration tool.
  2. Connect the camera to the switch.
  3. Connect the driver station laptop to the switch and set the DS team ID.
  4. Launch the Driver Station. It will launch the dashboard.
  5. Rejoice in the video showing on the dashboard.
    Bonus. Switch to the Kinect tab and view the skeleton from the Kinect (provided the drivers are installed and it is connected and powered).

If you want to change things, you can use LV to create a dashboard project, customize, and build your own. There are other dashboard tools you can choose to use as well including C# and Java I believe.

Greg McKaskle

Does the user account FRC with the password FRC need to be added, or is that not a requirement this year?


user: FRC, password: FRC is what will be sent to the camera, so you can either do that by hand, or let the utility do it for you.

Greg McKaskle

Might I recommend using the SmartDashboard? It will allow you to code camera vision in Java.

The first thing you need to do is install the SmartDashboard installer (just run the SmartDashboardSetup.exe as an administrator on your 2Go pc).

Then follow the Greg’s instructions (except when you configure the camera, make sure to allow anonymous viewing of video).

When your running the SmartDashboard, select “view>add…” and select the camera.