java code won't download

My Driver Station shows that the robot is connected through the wireless router, but when I try to download my Java code from NetBeans, it won’t download. I click the RUN button in NetBeans and the output window shows it compiles and everything, but then it just says this:
Waiting to connect to OTA command server of for past 67s
It just says that repeatedly every second and I have to stop it. I tried to connect to the robot with the ethernet cable, but it wouldn’t connect.
I am new to NetBeans, and I’m not sure exactly how to download it, I was just hitting the RUN button.
Please help!

First questions first: what OS are you running?


I noticed this error a lot more often on windows rather than linux, try an ubuntu install on a flashdrive and see if that fixes it

I’m running XP, but I think I might have found a solution though. I tried re-imaging the robot and it seems to work now, at least I can download the code. But now when I run it the infamous watchdog is hungry! The DS says Watchdog not fed whenever I try to do anything. I tried directly disabling the Watchdog in my Java code, but it still said it wasn’t fed.

Can you post the code that you are trying to download?
If it compiles and downloads correctly now, but you still get the watchdog error, it is most likely the code you are trying to run.

A Possible Cause could be that you are trying to download camera code, but the camera isn’t pugged into the cRio via an ethernet crossover cable

add getWatchdog().kill();

I looked at the documentation on the Watchdog and it said that you have to feed it yourself, so I did that and everything works fine now.