Java Crash Course for Rookies (and others)

Hi everyone, I am from team 4828 and wanted to gauge general interest from rookie teams in a crash course to use java for your robots. I know that there are other tutorials online, but the difference with our course is that our goal is to get you comfortable programming, compiling, and testing in java.

I personally think this is a great idea. :slight_smile:
Our team has done the same thing, we just haven’t released it yet.

Cool! What is your team number?

Ya i’d love a crash course! I’m with team 5185 and we are a rookie team this year so we defiantly need all the help we can get. Me and my coding buddy have a basic understanding in java but we haven’t ever coded for robots before! I hope you get the crash course ready quickly!

We have one team programmer using Java. I would love to have a good tutorial aimed at FRC for my younger team members.

[email protected]

Team 4968 would love to be part of a java course!

Thanks for the feedback, I spent the last 15 hrs putting my html skills to good use ::rtm:: making a framework for the site. I currently have one tutorial on how to drive the robot around using Java, and hope to get others up quickly. If any other experienced teams want to help contribute to this project DM me and I’ll give you the details! Also anyone interested in learning can DM me as well for more details.

Team 2383’s Java group would love this!

Please send me the site if you wouldn’t mind! :slight_smile:

Hey, sorry for the delay. We are still working on getting a lot of the tutorials up on the site, but here is the link. Check back later for more updates!

Here is a link to the presentation and code that our team gave at the Virginia FRC Summit this season if you’d like to use any of the information in it.

Hello all,

I’m a rookie mentor for 5th year team (3737). We have decided to go Java over LabVIEW this year (the reasons are several).

Question: Doesn’t the base code for this year’s robot/challenge exist in Java as it does in LabVIEW? If yes, can anyone please point me to the website?

Thanks ::rtm::

Maybe I’m missing something in the link ( The triangle and the two sections of the s highlight on hover, but the only “active” link is the triangle but I keep getting the 404 does not exist error. Any help on what I am doing wrong will be much appreciated.::ouch::

If you click on the .rar file, on the bottom right there is a download button. Then just extract the project from the .rar and import it into netbeans. Let me know if you are still having problems.

Sorry I was updating my sute and had some technical issues. :slight_smile: Just use