Java Debugger

I’m having trouble with the Java debugger this year. In the past (2012, 2013), I’ve never been able to use it with a wireless connection, and when it worked it wasn’t perfect, but I was still able to get the debugger in netbeans to connect.

This year, it’s not working at all for me, no matter what I try. I went to go file a bug report in the wpi first forge site, but it looks like it’s been in there since 2011.

I’ve tried it on a windows 8 laptop and really quickly on a windows 7 laptop and got connection to target failed errors both times. Neither of the two laptops work quite right with the software provided. The radio configuration tool on the windows 8 laptop crashes on start up (probably just compatibility issues with windows 8 networking), and the sfx smartdashboard is laggy and crashes/freezes and is very slow on the windows 7 laptop.

Has anybody got the debugger in java to work this year?

Same here. They went backwards on the debugger this year. I just tried the bridge tool, and it crashed on 8.1 with an HP laptop.

As for SFX, it just doesn’t work for me.

It’s really frustrating to have this happen EVERY SINGLE YEAR. These little glitches are a pain, and a lot of teams don’t realize that their problems may be caused by the libraries. Every year, Joe Ross does a great job reporting bugs (and workarounds), but it gets old to see problems that worked in the past work now.

Having a working debugger is a pretty big thing. It hasn’t really worked ever, and we’ve used java from the beginning.

Every year, we move backward and away from a simple, reliable, well-working robot system to one with more problems and more unnecessary features. Sure, having a 400 MHz CPU is great for vision, but for $100 I can get something that’s way faster, and way less restrictive to program on.

I still have yet to see a single robot that needs the extra processing power and complexity from having a cRIO and the other huge and heavy components that go with it.

I was able to get the debugger running this year using a wired connection, as long as the driver station wasn’t started until after the debugger connected.

Thanks! It worked for me.