JAVA Deploy wirelessly from Eclipse

How do you deploy the JAVA code to the roboRio wirelessly from Eclipse? The code is all correct, and it will download over ethernet, but it will not build/deploy the program over wireless. Any idea?

Can you post the output window log? Chances are the mDNS resolving isn’t working. Are you on the robot’s wifi and able to ping the rio?

I experienced a similar issue during some code experimentation a few weeks ago. I am not sure what caused it or why but I do know it is still an issue

I faced this issue back in Build Season. Completely resetting the RIO, flashing its software, and reinstalling Java worked. Also make sure your PC has all of the necessary drivers.

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Is the laptop’s wireless attached to the bridge, or to your normal wireless network?

Also double check that you’re on the same subnet as the robot via console (in Windows it’s ipconfig)