Java doesn't deploy

Hi guys when I was deploying my code to Rio I showed me and build failed, but I don’t know why that happenen

I suspect your network doesn’t let you directly post to CD (hence the cellphone pic), but in general to solve issues like this two things are extremely helpful:

  1. Your code
  2. The full error message

If those are hard to type into a cell phone, take a picture that includes as much of (1) and (2) as possible.

Here it is

You need to scroll up more in that log. The actual error message is above the section you are looking at.


Here it is but I’m connected to the robot

Does the Driver Station say you have Communication?

rather, does it look like this?



This can happen when the mDNS responder service gets confused. How are you connected to the rio? USB works the best for imaging.

So I have to connect with the USB ??

Did you remage your roboRIO? It needs to have been updated for 2020. Above the last image you posted in that message is more information that would tell if that is the case.

Have to are strong words (I’ve flashed a roboRIO in Massachusetts from Israel over the internet before). But the flashing process is more reliable when done over USB

Here I have another error

You need to image your Rio to 2010_v10. Download the NI 2020 FRC Game Tools and go through the imaging process.

So I have to install IN update suite ??

It’s been renamed to FRC Game Tools, but yes. See the link in my previous message for a download link and instructions.

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