Java Drop Down Menu Help

I’d like to learn to how to code a Java Drop Down Menu…every time I serach google, I get weird results for programs to make menus for me…I just want to learn how to creat basic menus. Is there function in Dreamweaver MX or Frontpage possibly? (I own both, along with Flash MX/Fireworks MX). I can do rollover images and such, just not drop down menu’s. Any help would be appreciated.

Not exactly a guide of “how” to make drop down menus, but you can take a look at the kinds of things they do with drop down menus.


Do you mean JavaScript? it be kinda pointless to make one in Java… :ahh:

try this place for some nice easy to setup and use java based menus

specifically this one called “coolmenus”

you can probably hack apart thier code and apply it as you need it

I remember seeing a teams site that had the best DHTML drop down menu i had ever seen. Even though it isn’t JavaScript i am sure you would love it. If i find it i will post here.