Java example of MA3 Absolute encoder on Talon SRX?

Hi all -
We’re planning a swerve drive prototype, and will be using US Digital MA3 encoders for turn sensing. They will be connected through Talon SRXs, via TSUB interface boards (on the analog input I suspect).

When configuring the sensor in java, do I use FeedbackDevice.Analog? Any example code on how to read this particular sensor?

The MA3 sensor ($45) doesn’t have any wrap-around gaps.

talon.configSelectedFeedbackSensor(FeedbackDevice.Analog, 0, 0);

int analogPos = talon.getSensorCollection().getAnalogIn();

The MA3 is ratiometric with the supply voltage. You will need to convert the sensed voltages (0-1023) to angles. The target angles will need to be coverted back to ratiometric voltage target to the talon SRX.

The CTRE magnetic encoder is slightly cheaper ($40), and directly interfaces with the Talon SRX. It has an Absolute digital Mode.

You might also look at the TT Electronics 6127. Similar to the MA3 at a fraction of the price.

We are seriously considering the CTRE Mag encoder because it looks pretty plug-and-play with the Talon SRXs. Is that encoder fairly compatible with the am-3009 swerve and steer module? If so, I think we have a winner.

I don’t have my notes here of the Team Number.

The best Swerve n’ Steer Module I’ve seen was one that used two AMT encoders. An absolute one for steering and an incremental for the CIM.

The CIM encoder was mounted beneath the plate. They might have machined the clamp some. The Rotation encoder was beneath the plate as well, between the plate and gear.

For off the shelf swerve, I liked the “Team 221” Revolution Pro better. But this is no longer in production.

There was a post that WCP may offer a swerve module soon.