Java external libraries

Can we keep on importing libraries into the build process from custom directories in the same way as before? I used to write the following lines in file in the project source:


Does this still work considering that the build process now includes files in the wpilib directory?

Follow the steps in this article to add a library:

So I have to add the libraries to \wpilib\user\java\lib? Is this the only way to get the libraries recognized by the build? The thing is that I’d like to include the libraries in the project folder for easier distribution.

I noticed that the file in wpilib defines the user libraries with


I tried overwriting that setting with the following two lines at the end of the file in my project:


However, I get the following error message upon deploying:

C:\Users\Lucas\wpilib\java\current\ant\build.xml:124: D:\Lucas\Desktop\FRC\2017\eclipse_workspace\Pie-API\lib\lib\commons-collections4-4.1.jar does not exist.

That’s cause I have my libraries in Pie-API/lib/ not Pie-API/lib/lib/. If I remove the /lib from the lib.dir definition, the build process tries to find the libraries in Pie-API/.

I know that I can just place my libraries in a Pie-API/lib/lib/ folder, but I’m sure that I’m doing something awfully wrong. Is there any way of correctly setting a different userLibs.dir directory?

Ok, I got it. I just had to set the userLibs.dir option in my like:


That actually should’ve been really obvious from the beginning :rolleyes: