Java frc programming

Hello!!!, i have 2 questions that i hope you can answer and thanksss

1.What is driver_ctrl?
2.What is getRawAxis?

  1. Where did you see this used? I have an answer but I don’t think its what you want?
  2. getRawAxis is a function you can call to get the position of an axis from a joystick. You give it the axis number you want and it gives back the value. I use this for programming drive trains.

If you are new to frc programming try this link:
Its documentation created by WPI for frc programming and electronics. It explains things like getRawAxis.

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I would suggest using this link: It is the most recent successor to ScreenSteps

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I actually just learned about that 5 min ago. lol.
What is that difference? Is it just updated?

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ScreenSteps will be taken offline/redirect shortly before kickoff of the 2020 season. The new WPILib docs is already more updated, more easily contributed, more clean format. It also includes major revisions to articles to make it easier to read, and fixes multitudes of inaccurate information.


Thank you bro! Very helpful!!!

Lmaoo :rofl::rofl:

I’ll check it out!

Here is a document I’ve been maintaining for the last couple of seasons of additional resources for WPILIB and Java that you may also find helpful.

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