Java help request

We are looking for a team to partner with us for programming during 2019 season.

Ideal would be an experienced mentor/student that could quickly glance at Java code we put up on GitHub.

We program in Java and are switching to command-based.

Our goal for this season is to be effective at basic level with encoders, gyro, PID control, and vision via limelight. With prototype bots/mechanisms we have done all of the above in isolation but tend to get hung up when putting it all together.

We are hoping to get a partnership in place before kick-off.

Thanks in advance!

Lead Mentor
Team 3245

I would be happy to give you a hand. I can’t promise an immediate response but should be able to respond within a day. Shoot me a PM and I’ll give you my email address.

You can also check out our Java presentations on our publications page.

Edit: Following Ty’s example below, here is our code repo for the coming season with drivetrain code already written.

Hi James,
Happy to help. Send me a PM with your contact details and we’ll set something up.

319 writes all of our robot code in Command Based Java and our code will be public throughout build season. Our repo has last year’s code in it which should give you a good reference:


I’d be happy to help out. 1902’s been doing command-based Java for a while now and I’ve got experience teaching/assisting other teams with it too :slight_smile: Plus I’ve got a bit too much free time on my hands at the moment so I should be able to quickly respond. Just send me a PM!

Our past years’ code:

Thank you for the quick response!

This is why CD is such a great resource: it taps into a community of effective support.

I will prep a PM that describes more context of our team and who will be tackling the programming challenges, with email contact info.

With gratitude, James