Java Help

I am going to be programming for my FRC team. This is my first year on FRC and need help learning Java. I have experience programming with Greenfoot which is very similar to Java. Are there any resources for people learning Java for FRC with previous programming knowledge?

Here is a thread I started earlier that has presentations that our team gave on Java earlier this season. Please feel free to let me know if you have any questions, my email is in the presentation.

I would use the pdfs in that thread as they are the most up to date.

Thank you for your help

Do you know if your team will be using robotbuilder (or if you have the choice to use it)? If so, I recommend watching this video playlist from the guy who wrote the FRC libraries. It should tell you everything you need to know.

You could go through the tutorials on Oracle’s website. That should give you enough experience to be able to program something. The robot classes are all pretty straight-forward, so you should be fine.

Thanks for everybody’s help.

If you want even more resources, check out the links in these threads:

Thanks again for the many resources. Out of curiosity, are there any tutorials specifically designed for FRC. I do have some Java experience through using Greenfoot.

The screensteps documentation should have everything you need to get up and running. Keep in mind this is the 2014 documentation. WPILib has changed a little for the 2015 season and the new controller, so check the site after kickoff when the 2015 documentation should be up.

The playlist I linked is for FRC.

Our founder (Gixxy) posted some java resources, including plenty of FRC-specific stuff on our team website: