Java in 2011!

Who is excited to program the robot in java for 2011!!! W00T :yikes:

But for realz, has anyone found an updated javadoc, libraries, or anything new with java at all? Is there any new code? I couldn’t find anything new on the WPI javadoc website. I am total noob or is there something missing? :confused:

Hey there Soxman04, did you check out FIRSTforge? Here’s the link to Java for FRC, 2011:

There has been a new set of WPIlibj plugins available for download for a few days at USFIRST . It’s locked with the same password as the game manual.
EDIT: It’s at FIRSTForge:

The Java version of WPILIb (as well as C++ for that matter) will be supported on the new FIRST Forge web site at:

Some documents went out with the old URL, and the old web pages weren’t updated to point to the new pages yet.

I can’t get a copy of the 2011 javadocs anywhere. It is the 2010 one on first forge. On the WPIlib site it is the 2010 one as well. The only way to get a copy is through netbeans.

I was able to download the wpilib today from

But I still had problems. I had to uninstall the last version (of the add-ins). Then when I tried to add them in Netbeans tries to go out to the net. There were updates available for Netbeans too. Or for some of its built in add-ins.

I now have CANJaguar in the wpilibj so I know its using the latest and greatest, but people will need to know how to load up a system that is offline.

Here is the line in my Java program *import edu.wpi.first.wpilibj.CANJaguar;

My first attempts failed. Without uninstalling first, then restarting Netbeans, I was asked if I wanted to replace the same file with the new one? When done the CANJaguar didn’t show up in the java include statement. Another time I was offline and it hung. The last time I extracted all of the files, then moved the .nmb files to their own folder, then added them into Netbeans. The time before that Netbeans might have picked up the .xms and tried to reload 2010’s code? I think. Don’t know for sure. Will never ever really know what Netbeans does.

Good Luck.

Also new with Java: Experimental Eclipse plug-ins. Thread detailing this is: